Boat noodles, round 1 (by Boots in the Oven)
Fisherman’s Shack (by Boots in the Oven)
Cà Phê Đá (by floluong)
Hủ Tiếu (by floluong)
Phở (by floluong)
Soda Chanh (by floluong)
(via Adventures in Thailand: Paradising in Koh Yao Noi)
Peddlecart vendor (by quinet)
KL Bak Kut Teh (by jonolist)
Very Fresh Eggs at the elephant spring (by jonolist)
Bo Kho Banh Mi at Pahm Ngu Lao, Hanoi (by jonolist)
(by miwaramone)
Streets of Hanoi / Vietnam (by anjči)